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e#1 (ee)

(from PPN ^e).

[tense‑aspect marker]  indefinite or continuous tense, future tense. Na tama te laa e nnoho i Honiara e taamaki, ‘there are many people living in Honiara’; koe e hano i te vaka nei?, ‘will you be going on this boat?’.  See Introduction.



(from PPN ^e).

[preposition]  marks agent in Cia affixed verbs. A Sina ma Puna ia ni aloha i a Telauponini, ka Telauponana ia ni he alohatia e kilaaua, ‘Sina and Puna pitied Telauponini, but Telauponana was not pitied by them’.  See Introduction.



(from PPN ^e’a).

[vs]  to appear above the surface of the water, as coral at low tide.



[na]  an area that is good for fishing.



[vs]  to be dirty, cloudy or dark, of water or a liquid.

tr: hakaehu <to make water cloudy, especially in the game haihuhunee.>



1.[particle, discourse feature]  follows verb in verb initial sentences during an extended discourse.

sa: ai.

2.[anaphoric particle]  in some cases follows a verb replacing a previous noun phrase.



(from Eng ‘angel’).

1.[n]  angel, as in Christian teachings.

2.[n]  a person who tries to act perfect, a pretentious person.  (Demeaning).


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