The attached pages include a variety of different photographs. There is a large album of general photographs. There are photographs of making a bird netmaking canoes, making a sleeping mat, setting up a loom, making toddy, preparing food, and other work activities.  There are photos of the activities at church,  There are older pictures from 1933 taken by the Templeton-Crocker Expedition and photographs taken by US fliers during World War II. There are pictures of wedding exchanges (penupenu), a Sikaiana wedding in Honiara, and weddings on Sikaiana. There are some diagrams of old technology that was rarely used in 1980-1993 and there are diagrams of traditional tattoos. There are pictures of ceremonial events including a traditional song festival, the puina a re-enactment of the teika lle,  a visit by the Bishop of Malaita in 1980; the consecration of a new Bishop in Malaita in 1981, the visit of the Prime Minister to Sikaiana in 1982, and other ceremonial and recreational activities.